Last night Lion was still not horny. I think he’s bummed about his upcoming birthday. He thinks once the date changes he’ll somehow be a useless old man. It’s interesting how birthdays affect people. I’ve had people tell me I’ll know what they’re going through once I hit 30 or 40. Well I didn’t feel any different when I was 29 years 364 days old than I felt when I was 30. The same for 40. Do they feel older when they are 41 years 97 days than they did when they were 41 years 96 days? My sister gets angry when people forget her birthday. To me, it’s just another day.

Here’s my quandary. If Lion is not horny tonight, should I still spank him or edge him, or whatever I was going to do to him? If I am “obligated” to give him attention every other night, is he equally obligated to accept it? I would think the answer is yes. I’m in charge so it doesn’t matter if he wants attention. Too bad. We have an agreement. Obviously if he were sick or injured I wouldn’t do it. That’s the common sense peeking through. But just because he isn’t in the mood shouldn’t be an excuse. I may not be able to get him hard but I can always spank him or do anal training.

However, if I look at it from another point of view, the answer isn’t necessarily so clear. What if, when I said I should have at least one orgasm a week, I didn’t particularly want one but Lion said we agreed to it so I had to have one. If I’m not in the mood I’d be pissed if he forced me. I don’t think I’d ever force Lion into playing. If he asked me not to give him attention at any time I would be curious what was wrong, but I would agree not to give him attention. I don’t care who’s in charge.

Sometimes it’s difficult for me to anticipate Lion’s reaction to things. As he reads this, he could be disappointed. If I’m in charge then it doesn’t matter what he wants. On the other hand, he may be relieved to hear that I won’t bother him if he’s not in the mood. My bet is that, if he’s not in the mood, he won’t be relieved or disappointed. He will be upset that he let me down by not wanting to play. News flash! He isn’t letting me down. He isn’t disappointing me. Even if he’s not horny for his scheduled orgasm, it won’t be the end of the world. We can wait a day. Or two. Or however long it takes. I just want to help him work through things any way I can.

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    I’m not upset about my birthday. At least I don’t think so. I’m neither looking forward to it or regretting it. I have no idea why I’m not very horny. Who knows, maybe a little “help” would restart my engine.

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