I am very happy to report that I was able to give Mrs. Lion some nice orgasms Tuesday night. She seemed more affectionate as we lay naked in bed, so I reached over and began playing with her nipples. She told me not to pinch them, so being a naughty lion, I pinched. She responded instantly and her nipples stood up straight. She continued arguing that it wasn’t the pinch. So I tried again on the other side with the same result. It was big fun. Since she was receptive, I kept stimulating her and she had a great time. I remained safely locked in my cage. All of the attention went to Mrs. Lion, even after her orgasm. I liked that. She accepted pleasure without reciprocation.

After reading her post on Tuesday, it became clear to me that I don’t read Mrs. Lion’s signals when she would like sexual attention. Some may say that as my keyholder, Mrs. Lion should simply demand the exact pleasure she would like. Not everyone is built that way. Mrs. Lion just can’t demand attention; at least not at this time.

She isn’t alone. I have always been uncomfortable asking for sex. So, over the years we developed a “lion wants sex” signal. I would scooch over in bed to be closer to Mrs. Lion. She understood that I was horny. According to her post, Mrs. Lion rolled over and was affectionate as her signal the other night. I just didn’t catch the meaning.

The more I think about these signals, the less I like them. Essentially we are saying that whenever we display spontaneous affection in bed, it means that we want sex. If we continue with this method of sexual communication, we will keep a distance between us unless one of us wants an orgasm. This is one of those situations where the signal makes sense, but it also restricts plain ol’ affection.

So, what do we do? Mrs. Lion doesn’t want me approaching her daily to give her an orgasm, but also can’t directly tell me she wants me to please her. As her caged lion, I want to provide her with pleasure absolutely any time she wants it. Ideally, the signal should be unmistakable since I am a dense lion. It should also be something that isn’t part of our affectionate behavior, like rolling over for a kiss.

I think Mrs. Lion has to work this out. The most important thing is that whatever she chooses as her signal is comfortable for her to do. It can be anything she wants. What do you think, my lioness?