Well, I lied. We didn’t play more last night than the night before. However, after I verified that Lion was indeed horny, I did give him an orgasm. A hand job this time. I was going to make him eat it but he didn’t produce enough to eat. Poor Lion. I just know he wanted a great big taste of himself. Oh well, in six days he can have it all. Maybe.

After he came I left him wild. He’s been having trouble sleeping and I wanted him to be as comfortable as possible. Not that the cage is uncomfortable. I just thought he wouldn’t have to worry about pinching and adjusting. We left for home this morning and I wanted him to have a wild ride home. Just so he wouldn’t think I forgot about his cage, I put it in his cup holder. Right there where he would be sure to see it. And I told him that I knew he was wild. And I knew he knew that I knew. Etc. We’re silly sometimes. But I wanted to be sure he knew I hadn’t forgotten. I was purposely leaving him wild. By bedtime he will be safely behind bars again. And whether he’s wild or caged, he will be waiting six days for his next orgasm.

Now I need to get myself back on track playing with him. I’ve taken a short cut recently. I just whack his balls a little and then give him an orgasm. And I’ve justified this by saying I wanted to do it. But the truth is, I’ve been sort of lost lately. Maybe it’s stress at work. Maybe it’s being tired. I don’t know. I just haven’t felt very creative when it comes to playing. It seems like we’ve done everything a million times. And it seems like even Lion is bored. Oh great, here comes the Velcro again. Oh great, here’s the paddle. I can almost hear him saying that. Or maybe it’s just me saying that. I do have an idea of one thing that may be getting in my way.

One of the problems I keep coming back to is the damn television in the bedroom. And the fact that Lion can’t seem to live without a tv on. As I’ve said in the past, I can be in a room doing something with no noise whatsoever and Lion will come in and turn the tv on. And then, what drives me even crazier is when he walks back out of the room. Now I am in the formerly quiet room all by myself again. Argh! When we start to play the tv is usually on (because it’s usually on all the time) so I feel like I am competing against it. Unless I put Lion face down on the bed so he physically can’t watch it, I am competing against it. Perhaps I need to institute another rule. When Lion is turned on, the tv is turned off. I like that. Now I am his sole source of entertainment. That will also force me to focus more on what I want to do to him. It should be a win-win situation.


  1. Author

    Competing with the TV does not sound like fun. I think you have every expectation that Lion focuses on you.

    Looking through this blog, I see a theme emerge: Lion stating that he wants and needs to be controlled, sexually as well as otherwise.

    Well, you know, right on. If you’ll allow me to give my 2 cents, always keeping in mind that you two will figure out what works for you:
    Start with the “damn television” since it annoys you. Why go with “no TV when you are horny” when you can have more. “Ask for permission before turning on the TV” or “Kneel and ask permission” or “The TV in the bedroom is gone, I don’t want one there.”

    It took Bear a while to get comfortable with knowing that it’s okay to want and even more okay to demand. It actually makes me happy, and he gets what he wants. I’m betting this can work with your Lion, too. He wants you to take control – take it where it benefits you.

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    Why don’t you institute a new rule that there is no tv. At all. Unless Mrs Lion decides to turn it on?

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