Lion was in desperate need of manscaping. With all our mini vacations, it had been weeks and he was far fuzzier than he likes to be. Last night I decided to rectify the situation. He was obviously happy to be out of his cage again. I didn’t know how happy until later. While I was clipping and plucking I played with him a little bit. I even gave him a few swats. But when I was done I just left him alone.

About an hour later I started in on him with my mouth. Now it was even more obvious that he was happy to be out of the cage. I know he loves being inside my mouth, even if I was nibbling him a little and pretending to bite him. He knows he’s in no danger of actually being bitten. Teased mercilessly, yes. Bitten, no. I didn’t really have a plan. I just love sucking on him. And of course, he wasn’t protesting. Even when I got between his legs I wasn’t sure I would give him an orgasm. Eventually his little moans and his bucking hips convinced me that he should have one. It was almost a ruined orgasm but I realized it in time and finished him off. I would have been very upset again if it had been ruined. Sometimes I get so involved in teasing him I miss the signs until it’s too late.

When I snuggled up next to him he told me he had been horny all day. I’m glad to hear that. Probably not tree-humping horny. There hasn’t been enough time for that since his last orgasm. Maybe he’ll be hornier for the next one and I have plans to make sure he is. I picked a number for him and I wasn’t sure if I would tell him or not. Now I’m thinking he needs to know. It’s actually perfect because we’re home this weekend so I can do more anal training with him. Maybe a session in his sling. All to get him ready for his Sunday orgasm.

I could make him wait longer I suppose. But what’s the point of going through the trouble of picking a number if I don’t stick to it? Besides, he’ll be a busy boy this weekend and if he’s not sufficiently horny by Sunday, I can always change my mind then. I doubt it will be a problem.