Everybody Loves Orgasm Night

happy lion
I had the best orgasm last night! I am so happy today I could just roar!

(Wednesday, July 16, 2014) As promised Mrs. Lion gave me a wonderful oral orgasm last night. She first teased me to the edge over and over. Boy did I want release! I got it big time! We also talked about my next orgasm. Mrs. Lion decided that since I was ok about it, she wouldn’t tell me when my next chance will come. I do like the element of suspense. This is one of those good news / bad news situations. The good news is that I will never know if I am being edged or allowed to come. The bad news is that I won’t be able to anticipate the big event.

I don’t know how much anticipation had to do with my exceptional arousal last night. My wait was only four days so I don’t think it was sex starvation, though it could be. Four days in my cage without any chance to stretch feels like a very long time. Regardless, it was wonderful. Thank you Mrs. Lion!

In her Wednesday post, Mrs. Lion discussed the typical caged male’s feeling that his keyholder’s orgasms substitute for his own. She speculated that maybe my orgasms could substitute for the ones she doesn’t want at this time. An interesting idea. She also wrote that she wasn’t highly motivated to get me off. She said she did it because she had promised me release. Since I hadn’t been teased for the entire four days, she wondered if not teasing me took the edge away from wanting me to come.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by this, but I am. I never imagined that her interest in giving me an orgasm would be tied to how much she teased me over the preceding days. I didn’t realize there would be a link. Since I know Mrs. Lion does all this because she knows I want it, I didn’t imagine that aside from the extra bother it causes her, she would have a sexual reaction to teasing me. I know she enjoys it, but it is interesting to learn that those teasing sessions help advance the cause of more lion orgasms.

Forced chastity is far more complex than I thought before we started. The effects on us individually and on our relationship ripple out from this one change. Our communications have improved. We not only write posts that we both read, but we talk more about sex and what we want and don’t want. I am more motivated to do things that she wants. I’ve always loved to do things for her, but now it is a conscious part of my daily planning. I’m far from an ideal husband, but I think I am more responsive. Mrs. Lion is communicating her wants more often. Again, it isn’t perfect, but we both see progress; well, at least I do.

I am sure that my being caged is the catalyst. Nothing else has changed. It isn’t the novelty either. I am in my sixth month of full time lockup. The novelty would have worn off months ago. Actually, one other thing changed; we began this blog. I think it is equally responsible for the new, improved communication. There are a lot of things that are easier to write about than say. Yes, we do send each other many emails and texts, but sharing our lives with you, our friend, adds an additional dimension. I didn’t expect this at all.

In an earlier post I mentioned that my morning chubbys have declined. This morning it was back full force. Of course, with my tiny cage the expansion is extremely limited, but I can feel it and the base of my penis does get very firm. It felt nice. All in all, a lot of things feel very nice. My shortened cage is comfortable. I love our expanded communications, and I really like sharing with you. I am a very happy lion.