Mr. Weenie’s Night Out

I made Lion's weenie very happy last night.
I made Lion’s weenie very happy last night.

Lion was certainly a horny boy last night. I hadn’t really played with him in a few days. The closest he had gotten to play was the butt plug on Monday night. I started off playing with his balls. A few love taps. Then I just massaged them and told him that they probably want to run and hide since they are always front and center.

While I was fondling his balls, good ol’ Mr. Weenie decided to spring into action. He didn’t want to be left out. Not to worry, Mr. Weenie. I stroked him for a while before I decided to edge him. Then I gave him very little time to recover before I edged him again. Poor boy. He was so hard and so ready for his orgasm. It occurred to me that I didn’t have my usual sense of urgency to give him one. I almost told him he could wait another day. I’m sure he would have been disappointed, but he would have agreed to wait. Except I told him that he would be having an orgasm last night. At any rate, I moved into position for a blow job and again noticed how hard he was. Mr. Weenie was flying at full mast and trying to get bigger. I teased him for a bit before he gave me my appetizer of precum and then I finished him off. Yum!

I did not pick another card. This time we’re playing it by ear. I will give my pet the attention he needs but I will not give him an orgasm until the mood strikes me. As you know, that may not be long at all, but last night wasn’t one of those times that I absolutely felt the need to do it. But then again, I haven’t really been playing with him lately. I think the more I tease and deny him, the more I want to make him come. I get caught up in it.

In a recent post Lion spoke about caged males who feel sexually satisfied when their keyholders have an orgasm. Maybe, since I don’t care about my own orgasms, I am living vicariously through his. Would the “cure” for that be to keep Lion from having an orgasm of his own until my sex drive returns? I think we’ll explore other avenues first. Neither one of us seems too interested in making him wait for an extended period of time.

For now, I will string poor Lion along, wondering when (oh, when) his next release will be. I’ll let him practice his best “poor me” faces and wait for the grumbling to start. And we’ll work on getting him ready for that bigger Njoy butt plug. He may even have a teenie Lion weenie dildo in his future. You never know what I’ll pull out of my bag of tricks!