Last night started with Lion wondering when we were going to get started with our activities. He said the day was wasting away. I told him I could always make him wait another day. He agreed that I could. But I’d told him that I would neither shorten nor lengthen this denial period. Besides, I wanted him to come.

I decided to start out with a spanking. I warmed him up with my hand and asked if my toy was hard? He maneuvered his penis so it was peeking out from under his balls between his legs so I could have access to it. I few swats to his buns. A little fondling of the balls and cock. Very nice. Finally I moved on to the nasty rubber paddle. I whomped his butt good. Toward the end I told him he had a series of hard swats coming and he wasn’t to move. He screamed into the pillows but managed to stay still. What a good boy!

When I let him roll over his erection was standing tall. I played with him a little while with my hand and my mouth before straddling him. This time I was wet for him. I guess I really wanted him to come. It didn’t take long for his hips to start bucking into me. I love that! And there was one happy Lion.

He licked me to orgasm afterwards. I’m not sure how much of himself he cleaned out of me. It doesn’t really matter. I was happy. He was happy. And I like having his come inside me.

A little while later we went outside to watch the fireworks people were setting off in the area. I liked our fireworks better!

Lion’s next wait time is five days. Sure it’s a shorter time, but no one said I have to make him wait a long time. Variety is the spice of life.