cagedlion-1024x7801.jpg(Monday, May 12 2014) In case you haven’t noticed, forced male chastity is considered a very unusual kink. Even in the leather world of BDSM, a tiny percentage of practitioners also incorporate chastity. Over the last couple of decades more people have become aware of our activities. The Internet makes it possible to find out about anything. It takes only a few seconds to find links to sites that provide information. Over the years I’ve talked with many people who are interested or are practicing forced male chastity. Virtually all were introduced to the relationship by the man, and most failed because of what potential keyholders read on the Net. When I created this blog, my goal was to present information I would want my wife, a new keyholder, to read. I also wanted both of us to tell our stories as we live with chastity. My theory was that if we kept the explicit sex to a minimum and avoid too many penis pictures, the Journal could become a regular read for people interested in our kink.

Having been involved with websites for a long time I realize that I have a problem: over 90% of the people who come to sites like this are men. Most men are looking for sexual stimulation when they read a blog. We don’t offer much of that. I follow a few chastity blogs. All of them end up reporting graphic sex scenes day after day. It can sound like fiction to some, but in at least two cases I know it is accurate reporting. Here’s the thing; even in the most sex-drenched chastity relationship, at least 23-hours-a-day are spent doing non sexual things. If you read the blogs, you would imagine that these people are licking, spanking, edging, etc. day and night. That makes for hot reading and men flock there to get hard. If that’s what you want, enjoy their romps. Most of the people that do those extreme sex-crazed blogs are new to both power exchange and chastity. Maybe we should excuse their excitement

Since there is no expectation that this blog will ever make a dime, the only reason to do things that build readership is ego. I love it when a lot of people share here. But it isn’t the reason I am writing. I want our blog to be enjoyable reading for both men and women. I want women new to the chastity concept to get a realistic view of how it fits into our lives. My adventures with Mrs. Lion, I believe, is fairly typical of a married couple trying to make this work.

I figured that since I have decades of experience with power exchange, being caged would be fairly easy for me to embrace. Well, turns out that I knew the lyrics but not the song. If you are new here, I suggest going back to the beginning and read how things developed for us. It wasn’t smooth, and it most certainly didn’t read like a porno story. It is a strong temptation to spend my time writing about the hot sessions lioness and I have. I am sure I could make our Journal get guys hard like the best of them. Don’t worry, I won’t. I want to us to share our growth, setbacks, and joys. I hope that caged male and keyholder can both read here and get some useful information and a few smiles.

You can help if you want. There are two easy possibilities. The first is to add your comments to posts. Ask questions, disagree, agree, anything. Become part of the dialogue. The second is to mention the Journal on forums if you read something you think would help others. Until our other couple picked up their posts and left, it was interesting to see how two different real-life couples grew in chastity. I am confident we will have that again.

Last, there is a contact us tab at the top of the page. Clicking that will bring you to a form you can use to send a direct email to us. If you are uncomfortable commenting in public or want to ask a personal question, please feel free to write. We answer all our mail.

Thank you very much for being part of our adventure.