Things have been quiet here. I’ve been sick with an infection in my leg. Between the antibiotics and other drugs, most of my time has been spent in bed. Yesterday’s post was written over several 15 minute sessions between rest periods. I had three trips to the doctor in three days. Things are starting to get better now. I’m completely tired of being sick. While I was sleeping some things changed here.

As you may have noticed, Southwood Princess is no longer on this site. Some readers expressed disappointment that we no longer have two couples here. Perhaps in the future another couple will join us here.

One of the biggest challenges to people trying to learn about forced male chastity is finding reliable information. It’s particularly hard for new keyholder to find information that is based on more than some male’s fantasy. I started this site to offer useful information from real couples who are embracing male chastity. Even though I have been writing about and teaching workshops on this subject for over 15 years, I never seriously considered being caged. The idea has always turned me on, but I never took the plunge. In January I asked Mrs. Lion if she would lock me up. She agreed. If you go back to our earliest posts you can see our evolution. Because of the doctor visits, I was uncaged for two full days and nights. This is the longest since I was locked up in January. Contrary to what others have written, I didn’t get homesick for my cage. But I did feel that my chastity device is a key part of all of the changes we have made. I asked lioness to cage me after my Friday doctor visit.

Lioness expressed some surprise that I wanted the cage back while I was still sick. I wanted to make sure that we continue making progress in this new approach to our sexuality. I didn’t want to take a chance that with the cage off, there would be a loss of momentum. It would be way too easy to just “forget” about forced chastity and the improved communication we now share. When I mentioned that to Mrs. Lion, she thought I was being silly. So I asked point-blank, “Do you still want me locked up? Really?” She immediately said that she does.

With us, chastity started as something I wanted and Mrs. Lion agreed to because it was important to me. I am grateful that she was willing to do that for me. Now, however, I think that she is finding benefits too. How about that? Some big things happened while I was sleeping.

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    Southwood Princess? I started reading this from the beginning, February, and have heard the name mentioned.

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