The question I am asked most frequently is, “How do I ask my wife to be my keyholder?” It’s a tough question that pretty much every caged male has to ask his mate. Just how do you ask your partner to completely change the way she sexually relates to you? The first step is to put yourself in her shoes.

The most serious mistake that a male makes when approaching his partner is to assume she understands how he feels and what being caged means to him. I guarantee she doesn’t. So, do you say, “Hey sweetie, I read this cool story online about a wife who kept her husband’s penis locked up in a chastity device and it seems really hot to me. Want to try it?” That approach is quick and easy for the male, but leaves his partner with questions and confusion.

What would you think if your wife asked you to lock up her pussy because she read a story on the internet? Wouldn’t you wonder what you did to make her want to lock it away? The point is that you would be confused and not know how to react to such a proposal.

So how do you ask that question in a way that she is likely to accept? The answer is going to be different for every couple. The key is to take the time to figure out how to explain what you want.  You don’t really just want your cock in a cage, do  you? You want more than that. Every one of us caged males wants a great deal of change that involves effort on the part of your mate. The fact is that in the beginning, neither of you really knows how it will play out. The problem is that you probably have had fantasies you want to make come true instead of beginning a new activity where you and your wife are on equal footing.

My suggestion is to be very honest and open. Start off by talking about what you have been thinking. Tell her that you get turned on when you think about her having more control over your sexual pleasure. She will undoubtedly want to know how that would work. Tell her about chastity devices. Let her ask questions. Don’t press her to do anything right now. Let her know that you can show her web sites where she can learn what chastity means to other couples. This site is certainly a good start.

Most important, give her a chance to consider your idea. Let her read and think.  If she doesn’t bring up the topic in a few days, gently (I mean gently!) ask her if she has given your idea any thought. If she says that she has, you can ask her what she has been thinking. Let her do the talking. Remember, you have told her what you want. You need to be prepared to let her decide if she wants to do it.

If you’ve read here, my lioness was not enthusiastic at all about my being caged. She still isn’t all that convinced she wants to get more deeply in the lifestyle. However, we have started. I have been caged nearly three months now. She has been getting more involved in the other activities associated with forced male chastity. You may have similar results. But the key to presenting this idea successfully is to simply present what you want and then let her absorb this idea and decide if she would like to go on this journey with you.

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    I was fortunate. Merry had some experience as a Domme, and with male chastity, before we met. It made an easy transition. But, sadly, I could not commit to the lifestyle, wholeheartedly.

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