Everybody Loves A Saturday Night Spanking

Male being spanked
Spanking can be a wonderful treat or a memorable punishment. It’s all in how it is administered.

This weekend was memorable for many reasons: Mrs. Lion acted independently on Saturday (see my post Progress). Saturday night was a caged male’s dream. My lioness had planned to go lion riding. I love that! Unfortunately, at the last moment mother nature stepped in and she couldn’t carry out her delightful plan. She told me what she was going to do and we were both sorry we couldn’t. However, she wasn’t going to be stopped by one little roadblock. Oh no! She unlocked me to clean up in the shower and off I trotted to get sweet smelling and clean.

I emerged from my shower to see a spanking strap and riding crop on the bed. As the only logical target (the dog was hiding under the bed), I had a feeling that I would be enjoying a spanking. There are two sorts of spankings: disciplinary, which are administered very firmly and generally at a time when the male is not aroused; and the fun sexy kind. This sort of spanking begins gently and slowly escalates as the male’s endorphin levels rise. Aside from a nice, rosy bottom, the sensations are very exciting. My lioness treated me to this delightful surprise. My spankings are always administered on my bare bottom. It is most sensitive after a warm shower.

She started with her hand. Believe me, she doesn’t need any more than her hand to really make me howl. She moved on to the strap and the riding crop. By the time she finished, my bottom was glowing and felt warm and toasty and my cock was hard and dripping. It’s been a while since we did that.

She told me to roll over on my back. She pushed my legs apart. I moved them apart, knees up to give her maximum access. She moved between my legs and gave me very long and incredibly exciting oral sex. When I was just about to come, she stopped, raised her head and asked if I would like to come. I breathlessly told her I would. She smiled and said, “Well ok.”

She then went back to work. I erupted in no time. Shortly after I calmed down, she handed me the cock and ball ring and I put it on. She then locked me back up in my cage. Wow! I woke up several times during the night feeling the delightful pressure of an attempted erection. I like that feeling and it rarely wakes me up, but last night was different. I pictured that great spanking and oral sex. I really wished I could escape my cage for a few minutes to take care of my aching need.

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    I can only get a little hard after a great deal of manual stimulation, BUT I felt a twinge down there while reading this.
    Or was that just the cat on my lap?
    I dunno.

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