Is There Such a Thing as Too Secure?

bolt cutter cutting padlock
Something like this could do some damage to Lion’s penis.

Lion had a frenum piercing when I met him. He reminded me several times over the years that if he was ever in an accident and needed an MRI, I had to be sure to tell the nurses and doctors about the piercing. A metal piercing in his manhood would not fair well in a giant magnet.

He has since let the piercing close, but I now wonder about his cage. First, if they don’t check he could wind up in an MRI with an even bigger metal vs. magnet problem. Second, if they need to get it off without the key how much damage will they do to him in the process? Bolt cutters are very unwieldy. Saws are dangerously fast and sharp. What’s in the cage is mine and I like it intact as I’m sure he does.

Around the house I have places I can lock the spare key so in an emergency Lion can free himself and I will know if he cheats. There’s no safety net when he is out of the house. Lion seems unconcerned, but I worry about things like this.