While we focus on forced male chastity as our primary topic. It’s clear that most of us don’t just get caged or cage our partners and do nothing else. While we focus on caging cocks, I haven’t found anyone including my lioness who has no further ambitions. Full time caging is probably the most radical of activities since it permeates every single second of my life, but there are other fun things that almost always seem to go along with the cage. Exactly what these other items on the menu are depends on the keyholder.

Virtually every keyholder engages in regular cock teasing. We caged males learn to expect and enjoy being teased to the brink of orgasm and then locked up again without the climax. I get the feeling that there is an emotional basis for keyholders loving this activity. When our penises were unrestrained, females knew that there was a point of no return, beyond which they would be getting some sticky male fluids in or on them. Some girls apparently loved to see how far they could go without the boy squirting. I never experienced this myself, but many guys have.

“Nice” girls never did that to their dates. Many guys worked hard to get sexual attention of some sort from their female dates. I did. I had a fairly high success rate in my salad days. The point is that many women when they become keyholders and their caged males talk about teasing, a light bulb might go on and they realize this is their chance to be bad girls and tease their helpless caged males. Even if that thought didn’t occur to them at first, it has to be delicious to frustrate their partners and watch their faces change when they realize they won’t be coming today.

Tease and denial is nearly universal. Some consider it part of forced chastity, but it really isn’t. It’s just something that goes with the cage like peanut butter and jelly. Other things also find their way into the forced chastity lifestyle: spanking, bondage — it’s good to tie up a horny, caged male before taking him out of his cage, anal play, you name it. Forced chastity is a power exchange with the male surrendering power to the female.

If you are new to this kink, think about the other possibilities that might go along with what you are doing. Forced male chastity is much more fun if it isn’t practiced À La Carte.