Mrs. Lion, or as she calls herself, Lioness 2.0, has made amazing changes to better support me and our enforced chastity / FLR relationship. For two years she worked hard to make me happy by providing me with the discipline and enforced waits she thought I wanted. She did a remarkable job and our intimacy grew along with her control.

Barely into our third year of all this, she announced that there was a new lioness in town: 2.0. She decided that some changes needed to be made. As far as I can tell, her epiphany was that to make me happy, she needed to do things that make me unhappy at the time. She also realized that action that doesn’t quite work is preferable to inaction. She announced that she was taking me at my word and would henceforth provide what I have been saying and writing what I want.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that I’ve made numerous suggestions on how Mrs. Lion could reinforce her control. I’ve also encouraged her to be stricter and not so concerned with my feelings when she was doing things to me. In essence, I was asking her to push my comfort zone and take control physically the way she thought she should and stop worrying about my reactions to what was happening. I’ve also been encouraging her to be stricter enforcing her wishes and to take more control in our daily lives.

Lioness 2.0 does just that. Our sensation play has become less about me having fun at the time and more about doing what she wants. A perfect example is her use of menthol rub on my nether regions. Last weekend she seemed to enjoy watching my reaction as the rub took effect. As she wrote earlier this week, she still felt concern that she could go too far and used the fact I was remaining hard (while she stimulated me) as an indicator that no limit has been reached. We’ve discussed that and she understands that my erection and her stimulation actually reduces the pain and that instead of using it as an index of my reaction, she will use it as a way to increase or reduce the pain at will.

On Monday I sent an email suggesting we play spanking games; trivia where if I miss a question, I get swats. 2.0 took that idea and ran. Instead, she decided we would play along with Jeopardy and if I missed a question, a clothespin would go on my balls. We played Monday night and I ended up with 27 clothespins by the end of the  show. It hurt like hell when she removed them. She cheerfully informed me that she wasn’t taking it easy removing them. I could tell. Each one coming off made me grunt. Way to go 2.0!

I’m getting more used to wearing a collar and sleeping is no longer a problem. Mrs. Lion said she likes seeing me in it. I believe her. I don’t understand why, but she does. This is all so different from Lioness 1.0 that sometimes I wonder if my lioness was abducted by aliens and a new, much tougher lioness substituted. I am not a bit sorry that I made suggestions that are turning quite painful in reality. This is what I really want and thanks once more to my wonderful lioness, I’m getting them.


Yesterday I assured Lion that his date would not change unless he did something incredibly stupid. He didn’t. He did, however, have something on his punishment list. A big something. I grabbed the nasty bloodwood paddle with the rough stuff on it. I gave Lion four hard swats with the rough side and then gave him a rest. The next four were with the regular side of the paddle. He squirmed a little bit and I mentioned it to him. He said it really hurt and I said he needed to stay still. It’s not my problem that he can’t stay still. I’m only punishing him because he did something to warrant it.

I let him fester for a while and then I unlocked him. We snuggled for a bit and I teased him because he said he was very horny, but Mr. Weenie didn’t immediately spring to attention. What’s up with that? Was he really horny? Couldn’t be. He was hard soon enough though and it was apparent he was very horny. But weenies don’t get an orgasm just because they’re ready for one. They need to be edged a few times. Besides, I told Lion I wanted a lot of cream filling as a reward for letting him come. I had to make sure I’d get my treat.

After using my hand for a while I decided he needed oral attention. I got him oh so close a few times before I finally sucked him dry. He made the best noises. I guess he really was horny. And now he’s a satisfied boy who says he feels good this morning. I hope so. I also hope he’ll be very horny again on Valentine’s day for his next scheduled date. I bet he will. I’ll make sure of it.