Our First Date: Love In A Super 8

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and find it hard to get back to sleep. Those are the times I think about my life. There are so many choices. Each one leads to more. I find myself tracking back, wondering what might have happened if I did something different. Where would I be now?

The most important events in my life seem to be more accidents than decisions. I met Mrs. Lion because I happened to run across an online dating site and I was feeling horny and a bit lonely. I had never seen the site before. It wasn’t particularly slick. I decided to see who might be there. I registered and wrote a minimal profile. That gave me access to search. I don’t remember exactly what I put in, but about 100 profiles appeared.

One profile picture struck me. It was a closeup of a cute, smiling female face. I don’t even think it was in color. Her smile tugged at my heart. Weird. Her profile said she was looking for a hookup, not in those words. Her approximate location seemed fairly close to me. I was surprised at my reaction. I didn’t do anything on the first visit. The next day I decided to try to contact her. This particular site was free to search but charged if you wanted to contact someone. Only the person making the first contact had to pay. I figured, “Fuck it!” and paid for a membership.

I found her picture and sent her a message. I think it was pretty brief; just a “let’s chat” sort of thing. I figured the odds were against her responding. Neither her profile nor her picture revealed anything about how she looked below her head. I wondered if that was intentional. I decided that I didn’t care.

Also going through my head at the time was whether I wanted to be sure she was kinky and liked to play. Until that moment, my connections had been through our local BDSM organization. Kinky was assumed. I was at the end of a tumultuous decade-long master/slave relationship — Yes, I was the master — and was tired of drama. I realized that what I wanted was a peaceful, loving relationship. I thought I could live happily without BDSM. In any case, I decided that it wasn’t high on my wish list.

I figured that some hot sex without strings or drama would be very good. I hoped this smiling, mystery woman would write back. Talk about random! Most of the time women on these dating sites don’t respond. Apparently, there are a thousand male members for every female. It seemed to me that a cute woman wanting sex would be inundated with contacts. Still, I hoped she would contact me.

She did. We exchanged some messages. It felt good to me and apparently to her too. It turned out that she lived about  90 minutes from my house. I was concerned that if we did too much email before meeting, we might create expectations impossible to meet. I suggested we meet only a couple of days after our first contact. She agreed! She was also willing to meet for sex. No preliminary coffee meeting in a safe restaurant for us. I did some research and found a Super 8 motel about halfway between our houses. We agreed to meet in the afternoon a day or two later.

I got there first. She had a description of my car. The parking lot was almost empty. I would be easy to spot. Right on time, a minivan pulled up next to my car. It was her. I was very nervous. We got out of our cars at the same time. There was a brief, awkward silence. I broke it by asking her if she wanted me to get a room for us. She said she did. I went to the motel office and got a room for three hours.

She was still standing by her car. I told her the room number and we walked to it silently. Once inside, we shared a little nervous small talk. We kissed and she began taking off her clothes. I did the same. Naked, we hugged and kissed again. She really turned me on. I was hard and she felt it when we hugged.

I don’t remember exactly what happened next. What I do remember is Mrs. Lion kneeling on the edge of the bed, butt in the air. I stood behind her and penetrated her anally. Apparently, we had decided to do this on our first “date”. It felt great! Afterward, we lay together much more comfortable with one another. We talked and snuggled. It was exactly what I hoped for: sexy, peaceful, and warm. After a while, we parted.

We met a couple of times a week after that. I think our second date was also anal. After that, we did more usual things. It was always easy and warm. We just fit. I’d like to say we fell in love at first penetration, but we didn’t. For a while the sex kept us coming back. Love was sneaky. At some point. I can’t pinpoint it, we each realized we wanted to be together. That was it. We never looked back.

Thinking back to this, I realize how unlikely our connection was. The odds were against it from the start. Maybe it was a happy accident. I think it is more likely that the universe has a way of helping if you ask. I asked for a peaceful, loving relationship. The universe already knew I was horny and kinky. Mrs. Lion also wanted a sexy, peaceful, loving relationship. She didn’t know about the kinky part. The universe did.

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  1. As I was reading this, I thought about similar experience and immediately became very hard. WQW.

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