I Am Not A Happy Citizen

I promised myself that I wouldn’t write political posts. After all, this blog is supposed to be about our sex life. Right now, sex isn’t working well for us. It’s my fault. I have atrial fibrillation. It’s making me fall asleep at odd, usually inconvenient times. On the other hand, I’m getting more and more frustrated by the sad state of the American government.

We face some extremely serious challenges. Instead of focusing on them, our leaders are battling in a war of personalities. For example, both Democrats and Republicans in Congress are disturbed by the flood of aliens trying to cross our southern border. To their credit, both parties forged a bipartisan bill that gives the president the tools he needs to keep them out. Good news, right?

Former president, Donald Trump is urging his party members to vote against the bipartisan bill. Why? He says that it makes it harder for him to win the upcoming election. He obviously thinks that his political success is more important than solving critical problems. I’m disgusted with this sort of crap.

That doesn’t mean I’m happy about Joe Biden’s management. He hasn’t found the strength to take decisive action on most anything. The good news is that he’s finally ready to close the southern border if Congress lets him.

I’m unhappy about the lack of choice I have. I’m a political moderate. That doesn’t mean I support open borders. I do believe the government has an important role in coping with climate change. It also needs to help support the modernization of our infrastructure. For example, over a decade ago the Chinese government poured billions into support for research, development, and manufacture of solar panels. As a result, thousands of cheap, good-quality, Chinese solar-powered products are for sale here in the US. We have no serious ability to compete.

Taiwan has a virtual monopoly on making advanced chips. No one else has the ability to make these strategically valuable inegrated circuits. The Biden administration convinced Congress to add a few billion dollars to the budget to help close this gap. Too little, too late. The extreme right Republicans oppose any government programs to help such things.

Another huge issue is climate change. Global warming is powering unprecedented storms that have been making people miserable. The Trump Republicans deny global warming and want to subsidize oil and gas exploration and exploitation. We need to find ways to quickly advance electric cars. To do this, we need rapid charging stations everywhere. Private industry can’t afford to do this on its own.

Trump paid lip service to controlling the cost of prescription drugs and made little progress while he was president. Biden made a little more. Still, big pharma is allowed to gouge Americans while they sell the same drugs in other countries for less than half of what we have to pay. I want that to change now. Neither party is willing to promise that.

Another huge problem for me is Biden’s age. He is an old man, and if he is reelected, there’s a good chance he will die in office. That would leave Kamila Harris in office as president. She’s way too progressive for me. I absolutely don’t want her to lead our country. I don’t want Trump to get another term. He’s announced that he expects to suspend the constitution so that he can consolidate power under himself and suspend future presidential elections. Nope, Kamilla is better than that.

I suspect that most undecided voters are like me. They face unpleasant alternatives in the upcoming election. Like most of them, I’ll probably vote for Joe Biden. If I don’t, I worry that the 2024 election will be the last we’ll ever have.


  1. Your likes and dislikes on many issues can only be based on your sources of information, what I see is that many are flawed with false premises…..all these issues are of course important even vital to the life of our drowning republic, Biden and his party are swept up in false premises. The invasion at our borders both north and south is just fine with Biden. Look what is is threatening to do in Texas. Thinking that wholesale illegal immigration will give democrats the edge at the voting booth will not help America. His and the rest of his party all voting to support Lia Thomas and the rest of the trans male athletes to compete fairly with women is insane and a danger to de-humanizing a generation of our children. When I was younger it was fear of climate cooling, no one has any facts that man is responsible solely in the changing of our climate and if so how much, at any rate the toxic mess batteries will make surely isn’t the answer…its complicated much more than you make it. Finally, these fake characterizations you make on Donald J. Trump are totally unfounded and part of a contagious mental disorder caught by watching MSNBC, CNN and the rest of the talking heads for the corporate media owned stock lock and barrel by rich elites or the puppet masters in the WEC, WTO, WHO and other global tyrants, they are the tyrants. You don’t recognize how much shit they have thrown at him, lies, half truths, stupid impeachments and continue, where does this fear of him come from? You can’t figure it out? You don’t think they dost protest too much?

    1. Author

      Your sources of information are proven wrong in virtually every assertion that you and other talk-radio addicts make. I don’t think that Joe Biden is a particularly good president. I want to close the southern border and stop the flood of illegals. Trump is against that. He said yesterday that if congress votes to close the borders, he and the Republican party lose an important campaign issue. He said it. I saw the film. His concern is winning the election not the good of the country.

      I won’t argue climate change with you because you don’t have the education to discuss it intelligently. It’s a fact that the atmosphere is warming and getting more energetic. This is true whether you blame cow farts or auto exhaust. We humans need to do everything we can to reduce our contribution. That’s all I said. We need to do what we can. Who can argue with that?

      I decided to growl here on the blog because I am tired of both parties being unable to work together on anything important. I would vote for a moderate Republican if one were running for president. I won’t vote for Trump. He’s a crazy old man who has only one goal: personal power.

      The nice thing about writing on my blog is that I own the microphone and can hang up on annoying callers. 🙂

      1. We both want this flood/invasion of illegals ended, but your assertion that Trump is against closing the border is wrong, the bill before Congress has many unpopular stipulations, check it out and see what they are, but clearly during his Presidency he was in fact limiting illegals more than any other president, he actually was encouraging the wall being built, he visited the border many times, he had a stay in Mexico rule until you could be properly vetted, everything he did to keep illegals out Biden reversed…simple as that. You might want to listen to Russell Brand podcasts, he has been exposing the cover-up and lies on all these global matters. Its good when warriors such as ourselves can talk about peace and not rely on the double tongues in Washington and Hollywood.

        1. Author

          Actually, Biden deported more illegals than Trump,and Obama more than Biden. I suggest you listent/watch mainstream news instead of talk radio podcasts.

          1. there is no arguring with Trump supporters . As someone once said you can’t fix stupid.

  2. I agree with your assessment Lion. No good choices this election cycle. Joe has done a lot of good but should have stepped aside. This repeat of the last presidential election is not going to end well.

  3. Someone needs to stop watching mainstream media from the right or the left. They are lying to us all. You don’t seem to know what Trump said or did, but you are well aware of what CNN said he said. I mean no disrespect but quit eating the crap sandwich the TV feeds you. And you can’t say I am a brainwashed talk radio listener and Fox news watcher because I don’t do either of those things. I used to, but I figured out it was all BS all on my own.
    Try this for an exercise. Listen to the National Weather Service radio broadcast everyday after 4PM. they will tell you the high/low temp and the record high/low temp for that day. Most high temps were recorded pre 1950 (not all so don’t judge by one days report. Listen for 6 months and then explain why many high temps were recorded pre 1900 if carbon is driving warming. It makes zero sense. No spin, no propaganda, no agenda, just factual temperature data and a little work of the grey matter and it should be obvious the global warming thing is a sham designed to take you money and freedom.

    1. Author

      I spent a decade working for mainstream media. I witnessed the news as it happened. Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, the concept of news has become plastic. The mainstream media does a good job reporting in a reasonably unbiased way. Just because you don’t like what they report doesn’t mean they are lying. They aren’t.

  4. The issue with the immigration bill is that it locks in 5000 illegals a month, and provides a path to citizenship for 10.5M illegals. One can be against that and still be serious about stemming illegal immigration. President Trump demonstrated that new laws are not needed to stem the flow.

    There is no systemic evidence that extreme weather events are getting worse. What has changed is that every such incident is breathlessly announced by the media as being due to “the climate catastrophe”.

    It has never been adequately demonstrated that the feedbacks to any CO2 forcing are of such a magnitude as to make much of a difference. All such evidence is derived from models that are very speculative and tunable, and many scientists disagree on the sign and magnitude of the feedbacks.

    Even assuming a worst case, cost-benefit analysis shows a large scale war against fossil fuels to have many more costs than benefits especially amongst the poorest. See Bjorn Lomborg.

    1. Author

      I’m less upset about admiting 60,000 immigrants a year than I am about the unchecked flow of illegals. The reason President Biden needs congressional approval is that he needs more money for enforcement officers. Also, his executive power to change deportation management is subject to court tests that will delay or prevent deporting the millions of illegals flooding in. Trump opposes the bill because it takes away a major campaign issue from his crusade.

      Global warming is real.The average temperature of earth is up almost.5 degrees. This is sufficient to energize the atmosphere. Even in Canada, where you live, temps have been going up. Ocean temperatures are rising and fish are migrating north. This hurts your fishing industry. I agree that the efforts to reduce fossil fuel use is causing significant pain in some quarters. However, whether you or the unqualified nay sayers agree or not, we need to reduce carbon emissions. It’s as stupid to deny the need to slow warming as it is to deny the validity of the 2020 election. Seriously, it’s time to stop playing politics and recognize the realities.

      All that being said, I am still very unhappy with Joe Biden as president. I will vote for him because I know that in 2028 he will peacefully leave office.

      1. No need to ascribe such motives to Trump when the bill itself is so weak in illegal immigration.

        No question the earth is warming. What’s at question is whether burning fossil fuels is a significant contributor to that, or if chaotic natural variation (e.g. ocean currents, cloud cover, …) are the bigger contributor (as they have been for all past such swings). The evidence for fossil fuels being the cause is unconvincing. You should listen to some talks by eminent contrarions on the question.

        1. Author

          There will always be “experts” who disagree with physical evidence. A lot of folks think the earth is just 10,000 years old. I don’t want to get into a scientific debate here. I’m qualified to be in one. Let me just point out that we know (we measure)the amount of CO2 emitted by burning fossil fuels. We also can estimate how much methane is emitted by cattle. In the years we have been recording temperatures around the world, we’ve observed a steady rise in the average annual temperature. This tracks with the increased use of fossil fuel. Even if you believe in intelligent creation, or the ravings of the American far right, you have to understand that regardless of how big a contributor it is, burning coal, oil, and gas don’t help.

          The immigration bill that your hero Donald Trump opposes is far from being as strong as many of us want. However, it does fund more ICE and border control agents.It funds more immigration judges and sends a strong message that we will no longer have such a porous border. Blocking the bill gets us nothing beyond maintaining a Republican campaign issue.

  5. As a UK citizen I am extremely worried for the future of my grand-children, both now and in the future.
    Almost as scary as climate change is the apparent ease at which Trump can brainwash 50% of the American people. What America needs to find is a strong politician to be President, NOT an arrogant, self-centered businessman, whose motivation will almost certainly be driven by profit.
    Sorry for the comment but I am seriously worried for your country.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment. I’m in the half of Americans who are also worried about our future.

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