On Friday, our Internet provider (Comcast) took down the network for some equipment updates. We were warned, but I forgot. Mrs. Lion remembered. Fortunately, our T-Mobile 5g Internet gateway arrived on Thursday. My plan was to set it up in our new home (see my post from yesterday on that.). I decided to unpack it and use it in this house to get Mrs. Lion back to her job; she works from home. We had the T-Mobile box working in less than a half hour.

I haven’t been very interested in sex. I think the looming move has us both distracted. There is a ton of work to do before our scheduled move. I’ve been no help with packing. My low vision and poor balance make it dangerous for me to pack boxes. Instead, I’ve been working out our logistics. It’s surprisingly complicated to organize a move. Part of me wants to get rid of everything we haven’t used in the past year or two. Mrs. Lion is more of a pack rat.

We’ve been streaming “The West Wing.” It’s surprisingly relevant today. The storylines track very well all these years later, and the writing is amazing. If you haven’t seen it, it’s available on “Max.” Mrs. Lion and I haven’t been very physical lately. We have some “prescribed” kissing that comes when Mrs. Lion puts medicine in my eyes or brings me a drink. Otherwise, we haven’t had much contact at all. That has to change. We both need to feel close to stay balanced. Hugging the dog only goes so far in that respect.

Spanking is another physical contact sport that has also fallen by the wayside. It’s probably related to the absence of sex and affectionate touching. I don’t think it means that we are losing love or interest in one another. I think we never developed the necessary habits that make physical contact almost automatic. Another big factor is that Mrs. Lion has very sore shoulders. I think that the devastating experience I had with rotator cuff surgery is keeping her away from the doctor. It’s true that we would be in trouble if she was out of commission for seven or eight weeks. Still, I don’t want her in pain.

We will find a way to get back on track. We always do. That’s the good thing about being with your soulmate.

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