We have a high wind advisory, which apparently replaces the plain old wind advisory from yesterday. It has been windy and cold. Last night it went down to 15o F. For us, that’s cold. That’s ridiculously cold. Our normal winter temperatures have us in the 40s during the day and not much colder at night because the clouds usually hang around and act as a blanket. I decided to stay inside and pack today. Unfortunately, I just realized the packing paper is in the basement, which is only accessible from outside. I guess I’ll be bundling up in a little bit.

We’ve both been pretty stressed out about the whole moving process. It was bad enough looking for a house. Lion has been arguing about the lease for a day or two. In one spot, it says that if the refrigerator dies, they won’t replace it because it’s a “convenience item”. Excuse me? If I have to buy a new one on my own, I’m taking it with me when I move. What if I think it’s a convenience to the owner that I’m renting the house? I am, after all, making sure no one breaks in or damages it. I shouldn’t have to replace last month’s rent with new rent.

We also had a mover stop by to do an estimate. Is it possible it should cost almost three months’ rent to move us? I know we have a lot of crap, but it shouldn’t be that much. Lion says we can move some of the boxes and lighter things ourselves with a U-Haul to keep costs down. Funny. That’s sort of what I suggested before we got the quote. It’s better because it’s his idea.

Everything going on has thrown our schedule off. Lion has been busy with moving stuff, so his shower has been later. And then we’re hungry, so dinner comes next. We haven’t managed to squeeze in spanking or a blow job. I do have a three-day weekend. We’re going to the new house tomorrow to take some measurements. There’s still plenty of time for fun.


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