I’m Dreaming of a Hard Weenie

I am glad I didn’t try to mow the lawn yesterday. I puttered around cleaning up the yard for the dog. I had to get rid of branches, so she isn’t dragging them in the house. And I used a small fence to keep her out of the blackberry bushes. It only took about forty minutes, but that was long enough to wipe me out. I am not made for hot weather.

Lion took a boner pill to see if it would work. He fell asleep after dinner. I don’t know if it didn’t work because we missed his window of opportunity or if it just didn’t work. We can try again today. Maybe we’ll be better at timing it. A little more attention could help too. I’ve been sort of bummed out since he discovered the injections. I guess I was wrong all those times I told him he wasn’t broken. Think of all the fun we could have been having.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun even if he’s broken. It still feels good to him when I try to get him hard. I can rub or suck my weenie anytime. If I’m pretty sure he isn’t going to get hard, I won’t have to keep going as long as I have been. No need for numb arms. Obviously, I want him to have orgasms. But making him feel good also counts.

I hope his boner injections work. We can go back to the good old days when he wasn’t broken. I always tell him to be careful what he wishes for. Maybe this time, he doesn’t need to be careful.