I’m Back

This is my first post since I’ve been feeling under the weather. It started with sudden-onset diarrhea and vomiting. Yuck. I used some powerful meds to control the runs to the bathroom. It took another twelve hours to get under control. For the last two days, I’ve slept twelve hours and then spent the rest of the day in bed. I’ve been exhausted. I have no idea what caused this. There is no fever. The only serious risk is dehydration. I’ve been trying to add liquids as much as I can. Mrs. Lion has a theory that it may be a reaction to eating raw pineapple. Her guess is as good as any. I have no idea.

As Mrs. Lion mentioned in her post, “Lion Update,” I have a video consultation with a urologist next Thursday afternoon. I suppose this appointment is years late. While I’ve been able to get hard, my ability to stay hard has been poor for years. I’m not happy about admitting that I have erectile dysfunction (ED), but I do. For the record, this has nothing to do with wearing a male chastity device. It has no effect on a man’s ability to get erections. In a way, it was a good cover for my inability to get hard, but it wasn’t how I thought about male chastity at all. If anything, wearing the device made it easier for me to get aroused.

I’ve been researching treatments for erectile dysfunction. I’ve tried the Viagra and Cialis tablets. Both worked up to a point. Viagra stopped some time ago. Cialis was effective for a while, but it has also proven less than satisfactory. The next, and probably last option is alprostadil. It’s an injectable drug that is injected directly into the penis. That sounds drastic, but from what I’ve read, it’s generally painless and very safe. That’s what the consultation with the urologist is about.

This treatment is interesting in that sexual arousal isn’t necessary for it to work. The drug reacts directly with the spongy tissue in the penis and relaxes it, allowing it to fill with blood. An erection results and persists for about an hour. Sex isn’t involved. There are interesting CBT possibilities with that. I don’t think Mrs. Lion has much interest in that aspect, but she will enjoy a rock-hard penis again. I know I will.


  1. Gee thanks for the update . You really need to take an extended leave to monitor your health and all.

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