Learning Curves

I am still not using the treadmill. It isn’t that I don’t want to. We just have a lot of stuff in front of it and around it. Also, my stomach is still acting up. I guess I need more orgasms. It was truly amazing that after I came on Monday night, my stomach settled, and all was well with my world. That doesn’t make sense, but it happened just the same.

As Mrs.Lion wrote yesterday (“Read the Manual“), our new car has a bewildering array of controls. Neither of us is a stranger to technology, but this car (Hyundai Tucson plugin hybrid) is so packed with stuff that it will take a long time to decipher how best to use it. I’m not complaining. It will drive itself on roads that have clear lines painted on them. It will slow and stop if the vehicle ahead slows and stops. When it moves, we move too. All Mrs. Lion has to do is keep her hands near the steering wheel. That blew us both away on Monday.

If that’s not enough, it will more intelligently drive itself when on large highways that have been mapped into its computer. We haven’t found one of them yet. We have to update the navigation maps every six months to keep up. Unlike other brands, these updates are free. The “quick start guide” is over 300 pages long. You can drive the car with default settings, but then you will miss out on many features. I probably shouldn’t bitch about needing to take a course to use the car. Something that expensive is bound to be complicated.

All this crap with the new car made me think about domestic discipline. It is easy to implement but won’t be fully effective without learning and experimenting. (How’s that for a segue?) Even something that seems simple, like spanking, took Mrs. Lion a long time to work out to be effective. Sure, you can get a paddle and swat away, but it’s unlikely that will do the best job influencing behavioral change.

I’m not saying that we’ve refined domestic discipline to a science. We haven’t. But we have learned enough to include it in our marriage. It works. I’m a little embarrassed that I need to be spanked to effect a behavioral change, but the proof is in the pudding. It would have been easier to learn if there were a manual like the one for our car.

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