Not a Patient Patient

Lion had some fun yesterday. I set up the massage table and filled his balls full of clothespins. I also put one on each nipple. He hates that. And that’s why I do it. He was hard in no time and I stopped twice along the way to make him nervous. I didn’t want him thinking he was guaranteed an orgasm. He was, but he didn’t have to know. Eventually I gave him one but I didn’t get any cream filling.

This morning, I had a doctor appointment. Rather than waiting for the doctor to yell at me to come in, I was proactive. Sure, I was a month or so late, but it’s sooner than I normally go. I guess I have the diet to thank for better numbers all way around. Losing weight helps in many respects. Of course, not eating crap has a lot to do with it.

When I got home, Lion had news from his neurologist. She ordered scans and the fastest way to have them is to head for the emergency room. You can imagine how thrilled Lion was. We’re waiting now for blood tests and scans. He insists that he isn’t staying in the hospital overnight. I say he’s staying if necessary. Let’s see who wins.

Of course, all the nurses and doctors wonder why he didn’t come to the hospital on Thursday. He hates hospitals. It was difficult to get him to come today. Now he says if he’s unresponsive again, I should call 911. He won’t feel that way at the time, but I will call.

I will keep you updated.