Pet Insurance And Learning To Live With Kink

Mrs. Lion wrote about our puppy’s digestive illness. She seemed more energetic on Sunday but still not her normal self. Dogs do their best to hide any weakness. Our previous dog worked hard not to let us know that she was in terrible pain. Willow is the same. I get it. If an animal who lives in a pack exposes any weakness, she is likely to be prey. Even though dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years, this trait still persists. We have to watch for subtle clues to determine if our pets need help. Her current problem was easy to spot. She was throwing up and had no energy.

While I’m on the subject of pets,I want to say that we have pet health insurance. We are covered by Trupanion. It covers 90 percent of all treatments and drugs. Willow’s policy costs more than Mrs. Lion’s health insurance and is only a few bucks less than mine. Our last dog was also insured. She started having seizures when she turned one. Her insurance paid for expensive medication that exceeded the premium we paid. Willow’s visit on Saturday cost $800. We ended up paying less than $200 for it.

Sex was the last thing on our minds on Saturday. It’s not all that interesting on Sunday, either. I’m writing this post on Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Lion and I might change our minds later. She’ll let you know in her post.

The end of the year is growing closer. We will have completed nine years of male chastity in just a week. We are just over two weeks away from our 6,000th post. I never imagined we would still be at either after all these years. Mrs. Lion and I have been together for twenty years. All those years ago, when we first got serious, I wondered what it would be like in twenty years. At one point early in our dating, she said she wondered if she would get bored with me. I asked her the other night if she was bored yet. She said she wasn’t. We’ve been practicing domestic discipline for at least five years (I can’t remember exactly when we started). We wondered if that would last.

I think the reason we manage to continue is that we keep communicating and trying new things. Based on other blogs I read, this is the secret for other couples who manage to incorporate these exotic practices in their daily lives. If we have anything in common, it may be that we discover real value in some aspect of what we do. We also compromise. Our domestic discipline isn’t what you read in the fictional accounts.

If our blog offers any historical value, it’s the accurate accounting of how we’ve changed over the years. What hasn’t changed is how much we love each other.

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