We Were Worried

Late Friday night, our dog started vomiting. By yesterday morning, she’d vomited four more times. I got her a vet appointment where she had x-rays, anti-nausea medicine and fluids. The x-rays looked okay, but they were forwarded on to a radiologist to be sure. She slept most of the day, which is not like her at all. By bedtime, she wanted more than the measly tiny chicken and rice helpings I was allowed to give her. By this morning, she was picking up her toys and more active. It was a scary day, but I think she might be okay now.

Needless to say, neither of us felt like writing posts yesterday. I was busy putting metal fencing around the lilac bush. I think the dog ate through the plastic fencing and pieces of plastic irritated her digestive tract. I swear she’s more goat than dog sometimes. I didn’t even spank Lion last night. Between the dog and the chores I had to do, I was tired.

Today is gardening, errand running, football watching, chore, sex day. Not necessarily in that order. Now that the dog seems to be doing better, Lion can let his mind wander back to sex. I don’t know if he’s ready for an orgasm yet, but we can take the equipment out for a test drive. He doesn’t have to be ready for an orgasm every time we play. He likes the attention even if he never makes it out of first gear.

I know I owe him an IcyHot racing stripe and some bondage. The racing stripe requires him to be at least a little horny. Bondage can increase the likelihood of his being horny. Just the fact that he’s tied down excites him. Again, I don’t get it, but I don’t have to get it to do it. I don’t have to enjoy the feeling of a freshly made bed to understand that he does.