I couldn’t figure out why I’ve been so achy lately. I mean, I’m usually achy, but this achy seemed over the top. When we hit our high temperatures the other day, it didn’t seem out of the ordinary for me to have a sinus headache. Any change in the weather can freak them out. Lion suggested I do a COVID test yesterday. I humored him. I was negative.

My sinuses were still whacky this morning. No big deal. The weather changed again to cooler temps. Again, it’s not unusual for my sinus to freak out. Lion suggested another COIVD test. I humored him. Crap! I’m positive. The tester showed positive as soon as I put the drops in it. It reminded me of my pregnancy tests that showed positive practically before I even peed on them. Lion tested negative this morning, but he’s feeling yucky too.

I called for a doctor’s appointment and got a video appointment for tomorrow morning. There was nothing sooner. Both Lion and I jumped online and found video appointments available with an “internet” doctor. I got through eventually and the antiviral prescription was sent to my pharmacy. I hope they have it available. From what I read this morning, the drug is readily available because most people don’t know it exists or have no idea how to get it. If one pharmacy can’t fill it, I’m sure there’s one around here that can do it.

Lion is arguing with an online doctor through his insurance to see if he can get an appointment to get the antiviral. I’m not sure if they’ll give it to him because he hasn’t tested positive yet. There’s a good chance he will because he’s been in close proximity to me. We both think he should take it prophylactically. He’s a less than patient patient. One way or another, he’ll get his drug whether we have to share the first doses of mine or not. I’d gladly give him my entire prescription to keep him safe.

I think neither of us will get very sick since we’ve gotten all vaccinations and boosters. However, Lion tends to get sicker than I do. I’ve wondered if he really gets sicker or if he gets “man sick”. Do men actually get sicker or do they just complain more? I don’t know how anyone can definitively answer that. He keeps asking me if I want to lie down. So far, it feels like a mild cold. I’m still working and I will unless I can’t manage to sit in my chair anymore.

Think about us when you hear COVID statistics over the next few days. I am, and Lion may be, included in those numbers.

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  1. It is a known fact that men have a lower pain threshold. In any case, get well soon and try not to get sick.

    1. It makes sense that women are built with a higher tolerance for pain. Childbirth has to be horrible pain. So far, so good here.

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