No IcyHot For Him

Lion has been busy rewriting his first novel. He also hasn’t been feeling very well. He was pretty tired yesterday. Last night I brought the can of spray-on IcyHot over to the bed. As the dog was being an idiot, jumping on the bed, Lion picked it up and asked what it was. When he read the label, he said that was a horrible thing to do to the poor dog. Later on, he said he wasn’t up for sex or playing. I teased him that he didn’t want to play because he saw the IcyHot.

As always, I’m being flexible with what we do and when we do or don’t do it. If he had asked to play with something other than the IcyHot, I would have obliged. I rarely have my heart set on doing something specific to him. If he has a preference, why not? Of course, if it’s something I don’t particularly want to do, I should get the same consideration.

I assume Lion will be good to go tonight. If not, of course, we will wait. Will I pull out the IcyHot again? I don’t know. He may be waiting for it. Maybe he just needed a night to get his head wrapped around that much pain in such a sensitive area. I doubt it. I think he was tired and/or not feeling well. I’ll try to give him attention earlier this weekend. An afternoon with IcyHot will wake him up, for sure.

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