It was a dark and stormy day…and I am not feeling like doing any work. Seriously, it looks like it’s four o’clock in December when it’s ten in the morning. Yuck!

As you’ve probably read in Lion’s post this morning, he’s suggested approaching BDSM like we approached punishment. It’s worth a try. It seemed to work last night. We’ll keep going until it either doesn’t work or works so well we don’t need to schedule things.

The other night when I grabbed salad stuff, I got extra bell peppers so I could make stuffed peppers. My theory was that if I made extra, we could freeze them and have dinners ready for when neither of us has a clue what to eat. The problem with this is that our freezer is jam packed at the moment. I have to get in there and see what can/should be purged. Of course, we can eat some of it too. At this point, we couldn’t buy a turkey breast if we wanted to because there’s no room for it.

Anyway, back to the peppers. Lion asked if I had any ideas for dinner. I said I could do the stuffed peppers. Then he asked if I had any plans for later on. I knew he was referring to his idea of making plans for play, so I told him I was stuffing peppers. And then said I could stuff a Lion too. I tried to shove a plug up his butt on Monday but it hurt too much. He needs more practice. Apparently he’s going to get it. He dubbed yesterday Ass Wednesday. That doesn’t mean he’ll get plugged every Wednesday. It doesn’t even mean he has to wait until Wednesday to get plugged. We just thought it was funny, like Tiesday.

Once he was plugged, I started playing with my weenie. I got him a little hard, but he wasn’t cooperating. Finally I asked him where the raging hardon was. He suggested suing my mouth. My once trusty tongue failed to get him very hard. I’m blaming it all on him. I gave it my best shot. Is it my fault if he can’t take a hint?

I think Lion has entered to point in his waiting that he is less interested. Well, he may be interested, but my weenie is ignoring the memo. We also haven’t been doing much lately to encourage him. And he had a plug up his ass. There were so many things going against him. My tongue didn’t stand a chance. Good thing I don’t give up so easily.

I haven’t figured out what to do tonight. I’m pretty sure Lion will love to hate whatever I come up with.