Batter Isn’t Up

I am in one of my sexual slumps. Today, Friday is the twelfth day since my last orgasm. I should be tree-humping horny. I’m not. If anything, I’m turned off. Mrs. Lion may be able to flip my sexual switch later when she comes home from dinner with the girls. I’m starting to wonder if my difficulty with sex is related to my writing. When I spend entire days working on fiction, my interest in sex seems to evaporate. Maybe the same wellspring of energy is tapped by writing. Anyway, I hope that Mrs. Lion can recharge my battery.

Sometimes Mrs. Lion understands me better than I understand myself. She gives me space when I need it. She can be too giving. Sometimes I need to be pushed. She might not get me as hard as she likes, but she will move me in the right direction. She gets hints from what I write here or from what we exchange in email. More often than not, she doesn’t take my sexual hints. I pay close attention to the ones she sends me.

When I read that I had IcyHot in my future, I felt trepidation. I genuinely dislike feeling my balls burn. I also dislike being spanked. Mrs. Lion is unmoved. No communication of a sexual nature came through today. That usually means she will ignore me sexually. I took a boner pill just in case.