I didn’t spank Lion last night. Before you say I was being too nice or letting him off the hook, there was a valid reason. The other night, he broke his tooth. He was able to get into the dentist yesterday and on the way home noticed his nose kept running. By the time we got home he was sneezing and thought maybe he was allergic to something. Is it possible the novacaine did it? I know they don’t use novacaine anymore, but everyone knows what you mean when you say it. I Googled it this morning and, sure enough, it’s a known side effect. Anyway, I didn’t want to put Lion face down on the spanking bench with him sneezing and his nose running. I didn’t even tempt him to play, as if I could have tempted him. He felt awful.

Tonight is another night. There’s no reason he can’t be swatted tonight, unless he feels worse as the day progresses. I’ve found that I sometimes feel worst in the late afternoon or evening. If it happens to Lion, we’ll wait another day. There’s no rush. I know where he lives, as they say. The most important thing is that he feels better.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I suspend Lion’s rules when he doesn’t feel well. I think he needs to devote his energy to feeling better. He doesn’t need to wait for me to eat first or worry if he spills something. He feels bad enough with whatever is bothering him. Why add to his misery? That said, if he pushes his luck too far, he might find himself with a sore butt. I can take some whining or snarkiness but there is a line and Lion has been known to cross it.

For now, he’s safe. His nose is still running but it’s been a lot less. According to the article I read, he should be better in about 24 hours. He’s only got a few more hours to go. I hope the article wasn’t lying.

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