All Tied Up

When Lion read my post yesterday, he asked if he would be tied face up and down. I was planning to spank him so only face down. He said, “Oh. Too bad.” I responded, “I think you mean, ‘Thank you.'” Was he being greedy? I was actually following through with tying him up. Shouldn’t he take what he could get? Of course, he would take whatever he could get. He had no other choice. I’m sure he was just excited. It’s been ages since he was tied down. I got the restraints quite a while ago and haven’t done anything with them. From his point of view they’ve probably been quietly mocking him from across the room.

Since it was the first time we’d used these restraints, there were bound to be issues that need to be worked out. For example, the cuffs I got aren’t actually for bondage. They’re for some sort of exercise equipment. They don’t fit very well. I guess I need to get some that are meant to be used as restraints. Live and learn. And I can probably cut a lot off the straps to make them easier to use. I hesitated to do that because once I cut it, it’s done. If I wanted to attach him to something else that required longer straps, shorter won’t work. But what are the odds I’ll want to do that? Besides, I can cut some off and still have plenty to work with.

In the past, I’ve knelt beside him, slightly toward his head, while I spank him. This time, I was sitting beside his legs. The angle was different. I assume I have more power from the other position. There’s more room to build up steam for the swat. I don’t think I did too bad last night. I didn’t hit him too hard. That’ was by design. My goal was to give him a pink tush with some “ouches” along the way. I wanted to make sure he felt it without going too far. I think I accomplished it.

After I untied him and he got settled again, I played with my weenie. I used my hand for a while and then asked him the silly question of whether he wanted me to suck him or not. Of course, he did. He was semi-hard to start off. He never got super hard but I thought he’d get to the edge. He might have been heading that way but he never quite made it. No problem. I kept going until he let out a big sigh. I asked if he was done. He was clearly disappointed, but said he was.

Tonight he’s in for more swats. This time they will be of the punishment variety. I doubt he’ll have as much fun, although he’ll probably have edging fun afterwards.

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  1. You don’t have to ask Lion if he wants to. It seems to me that he will never give up the game. Unless he is sleeping at that moment.

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