Sore Buns For Dessert

Yesterday was my last day of “work.” I was on furlough for 18 months. Then I was informed that my position was being eliminated. I was put back on the payroll for a month (notice time) and yesterday received my last paycheck and severance pay. So now I am either unemployed or a full-time author, depending on how you want to look at it. For the time being, I choose author.

I had emergency dental work Thursday afternoon. It wasn’t serious, but I needed an anesthetic for an upper, front tooth. After the work was done, my nose wouldn’t stop running, and I sneezed a lot. The running nose continued all the way through the night and all day Friday. My nose itched at the same time. Mrs. Lion did some research, and we learned this is a fairly frequent problem after anesthesia in that area of the mouth. As a result of my misery, Mrs. Lion postponed my spanking. What a sweetie!

I’m writing this on Friday afternoon. My nose is a bit better but still running and itching. The article we read said that this problem lasts about 24 hours. That means I will be better just in time to be punished. I’m being spanked because it annoyed Mrs. Lion when I referred back to when I purchased pill bottles. See my comment in “Problem Solved.” I also interrupted her once or twice though she didn’t mention it in terms of spanking me.

I think that she plans to tease me tonight if I’m up for it. I don’t know if I will be. Post spanking, I’m often not feeling very sexual. I may not get a choice. Mrs. Lion can decide whether or not I am in the mood. If she is sexually aggressive, spanking or no spanking, I will be in the mood.

All this may sound like I don’t want to have choices. I do in most areas of my life. When it comes to sex, it’s different. Since Mrs. Lion doesn’t want sex, it makes me feel selfish when I feel that I am asking for something. I don’t feel right about asking for something for myself when I can’t reciprocate. Mrs. Lion says, that’s silly of me, but I can’t shake it. If Mrs. Lion initiates and doesn’t give me a choice, it’s part of or FLR, and I don’t have to feel guilty. At least that’s what I think is going on.

My nose is feeling a little better. If it stops running by the time we finish dinner, I know I will be getting sore buns for dessert tonight.