I am much more awake today than I was yesterday. I was so tired I forgot it was punishment day. Lion reminded me early in the day, but he didn’t get his just because spanking. I know he’s disappointed by that. Yeah, right. He said he thought I decided two spankings a week was too much. Ha! No, but thank you for playing our game.

We did not play last night either. That was a conscious decision. I didn’t forget to play. I was just too tired. Being on puppy duty has been running me ragged. This morning she was up at 3 and 5. Both times I let her out and put her back in her crate. She whined but I was able to get more sleep. I have been playing with her when she gets up around 5 so we can both go back to sleep when she gets tired out. Unfortunately, puppies tend to have limitless energy. Until they don’t. Full on or full off. There’s no in between.

I realized this morning that I promised to wax Lion this weekend. Ugh. The process doesn’t take long. It’s cleaning off the waxing table, melting the wax, and then waxing him that takes a long time. I guess I build up the whole procedure in my mind as something I don’t really want to be bothered with and then it turns out to be less of a chore than I anticipated. That’s one of my many bad habits I need to work on. Yay waxing.

We need to get back on track. We’ve been letting things invade our play time. When I say play, I mean just sex or BDSM with sex. Just because spankings are not play. They may get Lion turned on, but that’s not play. That falls under the punishment category even though Lion hasn’t broken a rule. They have the same force, or they should, as punishment spankings. They serve to remind Lion what happens when he does break a rule and to give me practice at improving my technique.

At some point we may not need just because spankings. If I can get my act together and punish him for interrupting or annoying me, I’m sure he’d be earning a punishment for every punishment day. That’s one technique he may not want me to improve.

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