Try, Try Again

I didn’t do any of the chores last night. I picked up our grocery order and put it all away. I made dinner and fought with the dog to take her pills. Then I cleaned up from dinner and took a shower. Nope. I didn’t do anything.

A little while after I came out of the shower, I tied Lion’s balls up. As I was playing with him, he said I should always get him hard before I tie him up. I don’t remember this always being the case. Sometimes the act of tying his balls is what made him hard. I understand things have changed over time. Ironically, when I untied him and asked him to move across the bed to be sucked, my weenie was on his way to getting hard.

I took my time sucking him. I let my tongue wander all over my weenie. I wrapped my fingers around him and tugged on his balls. He got fairly hard, and I thought we might be on our way to the edge, but he stalled out. Even though I continued to suck, he started to lose it. Obviously, it still felt good. He was purring. I don’t mind his getting softer, as long as it feels good and I can still suck him. However, at a certain point, I have to give up. I can’t do it all night. That’s what the next night is for.

Tonight I have to do one of the chores, at least one. I have to take the freezer apart to chip away at ice buildup. The stupid design of our self-defrosting freezer puts the drain at the bottom (which makes perfect sense in a gravitational sense) but eventually, the water freezes and builds up. Then it stops working so well, and I have to take it apart. We have a service contract, but it just seems like more trouble than it’s worth to call someone in. We’ll save that service contract for when I can’t do it, or something else happens.

Assuming I’m not too achy from crawling around on the floor with the freezer, I will try again with Lion. Maybe I’ll shove in a butt plug in while I mess with the freezer. Then he can percolate while I’m busy elsewhere. It might just make him hard more easily. I know it will make him remember me even though I’m not sitting right beside him. It’s worth a shot.