I Like Surprises

Sometimes I just get tired. It’s a little cold in the bedroom and we are hunkered down watching TV. I get under the blankets to get warm. Before I know it, the program is over. I fell asleep again. When this happens, Mrs. Lion generally assumes I don’t want sex. That’s what happened the other night. Maybe she was right.

The magnetic number on our Lion Orgasm Whiteboard read “5”. That meant it had been 5 days since my last orgasms. As things go for me, that isn’t very long. My last wait was 20 days. Mrs. Lion indicated that was a reasonable number. My birthday is coming up in October. If she waits until then, well, makes me wait until then, it will be in the low 20’s.

She doesn’t spend much time thinking about how long I wait between orgasms. Understandably, it is a subject I think about quite a bit. I’m not yearning for my next opportunity to ejaculate. At this point, I’m perfectly happy. My only worry is that Mrs. Lion will look to me to decide when I get to come. I don’t want that. In fact, I try not to send any signals beyond letting her know when I feel horny. If I say too much, she will assume I want to have an orgasm and then give it to me.

“The bitch!” you must be thinking. “How could she do that to a poor lion?” I know. That never crossed your mind or mine. I think her willingness to get me off when she thinks I want is my own fault. When we first started male chastity, Mrs. Lion decided to unlock me and make me ejaculate every day. After a few days, I begged her to slow down. I think that since then she has used my guidance to pace me.

That isn’t unusual. From what I read, most keyholders gauge at least the magnitude of time between ejaculations based on what their men say they want. Some want enormous waits of more than a year. Others, like me, want much more frequent release. Since male chastity is a sexy game, it makes sense to allow male input.

Mrs. Lion uses comments I make here in the blog to help guide her. For example, she had increased my wait from about 7 days to about 14 days earlier this summer. I don’t think that was a decision as much as a reaction to my apparent inability to reach the edge until about two weeks passed. In a sense, she got me off at the earliest time my body seemed ready.

I commented that I would like to wait a little longer. I reasoned that if the “fun” of being able to edge me didn’t start until about two weeks in, then wouldn’t it make sense to start the clock then? Mrs. Lion agreed and my last wait was 20 days; a week longer than my previous four.

A week is a long time when you are being edged every day. From the 13th day on I was a panting puddle of desire after every teasing session. I loved it. After a week of this, Mrs. Lion let me ejaculate. It was an incredible oral orgasm. I’m not complaining at all. The experience worked on every level. Does that mean I should expect to come every 20 days? That’s the big question in my mind.

Before she told me to put up the whiteboard and track how long it has been since my last orgasm, Mrs. Lion didn’t pay a lot of attention to how long she made me wait. As it turned out, her internal clock is very good. For years, I got to ejaculate about every 6 or 7 days. Shorter and longer waits were very rare. When I asked her to consider making me wait longer, she wanted the whiteboard to help her keep track.

Now that she has it, I wonder how she will use it. Should I be careful to avoid writing and talking too much about when I think it would be good for me to come? I hope not. Part of the fun for me is being able to beg for release and not get it. I like it when I don’t learn when I’m going to finally come until I feel her pushing me past the point of no return. I guess the bottom line is that I like surprises.

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