Nasty Velcro “Bought” Me An Orgasm

After an 8-day wait, Mrs. Lion gave me an orgasm on Thursday night. Once again she did it orally. I love that! I didn’t expect it. I wasn’t all that aroused most of the time she was sucking me. It wasn’t that her efforts weren’t excellent; they were. I just felt “stuck” and didn’t seem to go further. This happens to me fairly frequently nowadays. When it happens, Mrs. Lion usually stops and offers to try again on another day. This time she asked me if I was stuck. I said that I thought so. She decided to push on anyway. I think that she made a subtle change in her technique. Whatever she did, I was on the edge in less than a minute. She edged me a couple of times and then made me come.

It was a very good orgasm. The earth didn’t move, but it trembled a bit. I was a very happy camper. Of course, I had to pay for that fun. I picked “Velcro” from Mrs. Lion’s Box O’Fun. She has innocent-looking Velcro cable ties she fastens around my penis. It’s heavy-duty Velcro so the little hooks that make it work are very rough and hurt when pressed against my tender penis. Also, if she fastens a band on before I am fully erect, the band tightens as my penis grows. That is most uncomfortable!

velcro strips on bed
These are the Velcro strips.

Worse, when she takes it off, the sudden rush of blood back into my penis is painful. Mrs. Lion invented this particular torture. For some unknown reason, she is very fond of it and has a big smile whenever she uses nasty bands. I think it is her favorite kind of CBT. She always writes fondly about it. Her post “Velcro Fun (Not According to Lion)” will give you an idea of how much she likes it. This is a bit surprising. She consistently claims that she doesn’t have fun when she gives me pain.

She makes it clear that spanking me isn’t fun for her. When she first started she had trouble doing it because she knew it really hurt me. Over time that has changed. Now she says that she is neutral about spanking me. She does it when necessary and neither likes nor dislikes beating me. I suspect she does enjoy the satisfaction of getting my ass a deep red and marking me. She disregards my yelps and complaints. It annoys her if I squirm too much and she lets me know by either hitting my thigh very hard or telling me to stop and get into position. Her emotional neutrality makes it possible for her to be the strict disciplinarian that I need.

She seems absolutely comfortable causing me discomfort with other play activities. She likes catching me breaking a rule. I think she likes my reaction when I realize I’ve earned a spanking. So far she hasn’t spanked me for annoying her. I wonder how it will feel to call me out and punish me. Perhaps the very personal nature of spanking me for something she cares about will make it more fun when she punishes me. [Mrs. Lion– Actually, reading this just made me really anxious. I’m not looking forward to having to be unfair.] I know that whether or not she gets new feelings out of spanking me for upsetting her, she will carry out the spanking with enough force to make me understand I did something wrong. Since her spankings have gotten more serious, I find myself actively trying to stay on the right side of the street. My life is much happier with an unspanked bottom.