The more evil things Lion picks from the Box O’Fun now, the fewer there will be in the future. At least that’s what I told him last night when he picked Velcro. I mean, think about it. He doesn’t have to worry about Velcro anymore…unless I use it when it’s my turn to do whatever I want.

When I use Velcro on him, I like to put it on his soft penis. By the time he’s hard, the little teeth are biting into him and when I release it all the blood flows back in. It hurts. A lot. However, when we play, Lion wants me to get him a little interested before I do things. I understand that. He needs a warmup. You don’t run a marathon without stretching. If I get him excited first, the Velcro doesn’t bite in as much. Bummer. I try to compromise by doing things his way sometimes and my way other times. That just seems fair.

Last night, I got him interested first. Of course, he wasn’t all the way interested. My weenie was on his way to hard when I put the Velcro on. There was still room for improvement. I put a second strip just above the first. It’s nice when the first one restricts blood flow and the teeth bite in, but it’s also useful if there’s another strip to bite in on another level. This one can move a little and I can vary pressure so the teeth bite a little or a lot. I even put one just below the head for a short time. This is his favorite spot. Obviously it’s not his favorite spot for Velcro. He just loves to be stroked there. Adding Velcro to that spot and stroking at the same time is definitely not fun for him.

Since he wasn’t soft when I put it on, there was less of a blood rush when I removed the Velcro. It still hurt. There was also a red ring around my weenie proving just how nasty those little teeth are. I got up close and personal to the red ring while I was sucking him. If I was a meaner person, I might have manipulated that spot to keep it hurting.

After a while of sucking, it seemed like Lion was done. However, I didn’t give up quite so easily. In a very short time, he was heading in the right direction. I edged him a few times and, just when he thought I was done, I gave him an orgasm. He didn’t produce much but we haven’t been able to figure out why he does at some times and not at others. I got a little taste and that’s always appreciated.