A Learning Experience

Lion chose spanking from the Box O’Fun. Actually, he chose tiny clothespins first but used his do-over card to select another card. He could live with a spanking. It’s been so long since I’ve given him a play spanking, I’m not sure I did it justice. My hands are unaccustomed to smacking him. Not only that, but I had to think about not swatting too hard when I used a slapper and a crop. It was definitely different from a punishment spanking. It may also have been ineffectual.

I have no idea how long it’s been since his last orgasm. I’d guess six days. I do know he’s only been horny for a few of those days. I both wanted and didn’t want to give him an orgasm last night. It’s been nice to get him super close, but I love giving him orgasms. Sometimes I have to make an effort to deny myself as well. Apparently orgasm denial isn’t just for his benefit.

There are a lot of things that he asks for or needs that turn out to be a benefit for both of us. He’s been trying to make punishment be beneficial to me too. I don’t know if we’ll ever get there but we’ll give it a good try. Male chastity was for him initially, but it forced me to give him attention or he’d be stuck in the cage. The Box O’Fun was created to give him variety, but it’s turning into a way for us to communicate better. You just never know how things are going to work out. Sometimes things that start out as a great idea, fizzle out because we realized X, Y or Z didn’t make any sense.

These past few years have certainly been a learning experience. Here’s to many more!