The Element of Surprise

We’ve gone around and around with wait times. How long is optimum? Should Lion know when his next orgasm is? Should there be a scheduled orgasm? I thought we were on the same page with random orgasms when I decide to give him one. Apparently not.

In my post yesterday, I tried to explain my point that not all wait times are created equal because if Lion isn’t horny for most of the days, they shouldn’t really “count”. This morning, Lion suggested that his wait time be tied to edging. A certain number of edging days would equal an orgasm. I agreed that it was an interesting idea but not really the point I was trying to make. I’m not sure edging equals horniness necessarily so how does that help? He said it would help him. Does that mean he needs to know when he’ll get an orgasm?

I like the element of surprise. I think he shouldn’t know when he’s getting one. I think every time should be “this is it!” If this one isn’t the one then it seems to take away some of the excitement. If you know Tuesday is not the night, then it just becomes a “meh” edging session. I’m not saying an edging session without an orgasm isn’t exciting. There’s just something missing if you know an orgasm isn’t possible.

Say you love turkey dinner. You wait all year for Thanksgiving. But what if you came home some random night and you walked in to turkey dinner? Yes! No one told you there would be turkey dinner tonight. I like to surprise Lion like that. A few weeks ago, he had no idea he’d have a bidet in his very own bathroom. He had no idea there’d be a box on the porch with Mallomars in it. He has no idea when his next orgasm will be.

I like it that way.

[Lion — I love surprises. I brought up edging because Mrs. Lion suggested that days I am not horny shouldn’t count in my wait. Since I have no idea how long I have to wait, the idea of arbitrarily making it longer because I wasn’t horny seemed unfair. How does Mrs. Lion know whether or not I am horny? She only knows if I tell her. See the problem? My suggestion was that we use the ability to be edged as a way of determining if I am horny. I suggested that perhaps I would have to be edged a minimum number of days before I am even eligible to get to come. I have no assurance I will get an orgasm then. All I know is that I won’t get one until I am edged x-number of days.]


  1. edging dosen’t make one horny but enhances the thrill of orgasm at least in my humble opinon

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