Lion is in for Some Prickly Fun

confinrment jockstrap with points
This is the leather confinement jockstrap I just got. I’m going to be sorry I bought it.

I’m thinking tonight might be the night to really test out the prickly jock. Lion got some locks but are they really necessary? I mean, I’ll be right next to Lion the whole time. In the future he might be tempted to take it off before he’s allowed to, but he won’t do it right away.

The past few nights I’ve tried to edge him, he hasn’t been able to get there. I know he’s got a lot on his mind. I was going to tie his balls up tonight to get him more excited. Then I remember the new jock strap. I hope that will do the trick.

Now, here’s where we have a tiny disagreement. Lion counts his wait as being from the last orgasm. I say if he’s not horny or able to get that excited, then it technically shouldn’t count as a day of waiting. I know. I know. That’s hard to wrap your mind around. How do you know when to count the day? It’s not really an exact science. My point is more that each day waiting is not necessarily the same. There are times that Lion is obviously horny from day two onward. Then there are times like this wait. I don’t think he’s really been horny. I may be wrong. I’m sure if I were able to get him to the edge it would increase his horniness exponentially. And then he’d be even hornier the next day.

I don’t know how long Lion has been waiting, but when he tells me, “It’s been X days” it won’t mean as much as when he’s been very horny and very frustrated. All waits are not created equal. Maybe it’s a little like waiting for your paycheck. Sometimes you really need that paycheck. It’s a lean week. Other times you make it with more money left over. Lion is making it just fine to the next paycheck.


  1. While Lion May count the days according to the calendar, your count (however you do it) is the one that matters!

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