Lion got me a new paddle for our anniversary. Well, he got it for himself. It’s for his butt. I’m just in charge of it. It’s actually a hair brush and he says no one will know what it’s for if they happen to see inside my purse. It’s very light and I’m not sure it will do much to him, but a test run proved it has some value. He might have been sensitive from the previous evening’s activities. Either way, it’s in my arsenal.

When I tried playing with him last night, he seemed a little less than interested. He said he’d been horny all day. Maybe the ups and downs of his health issues got to him. He had a set surgery date for his right eye and then the doctors consulted with each other and changed the date and the eye. This morning they’ve changed things again. It’s so bad that my boss said I missed punching in or out one day and she wondered if I came in late or left early. My coworker laughed and said good luck figuring out my schedule lately.

It’s no wonder Lion was distracted. I even gave him oral attention. I was planning on an anniversary orgasm. When oral wasn’t working, I went back to my hand. I managed to edge him once and couldn’t get any further. It’s not the end of the world. We can try again tonight or Saturday. The stress is getting to both of us.

The good news is that we definitely have the new house. We may sign the papers over the weekend or early next week. I’m hoping, even though the landlord is still working on fixing up the place, we can start moving some stuff in soon. I’m sure there are things we can put in the basement that will be out of the way for him and we won’t miss having at the old house. If we do a little at a time, we won’t have as much to move all at once. That’s the plan, at least.