Whose Balls Are These?

Lion seems surprised that I think I own his balls. I mean, it’s certainly not something that occupies my mind 24/7, but I do realize that he gave me ownership of his sexual satisfaction or lack thereof. He doesn’t bat an eye when I refer to his penis as my weenie. Why are the balls different?

Sitcoms make frequent reference to women having control of men’s balls. Of course, they don’t mean that literally. They only mean the man is no longer in charge. The woman is in power. Not sexual power. But she will make all the decisions. She may allow him to think he’s in charge until the point that there is a disagreement. Then things will go the way she wants them to go.

While I can’t say for sure, I bet most of the writers and actors never take things a step further in their own lives. Having a woman actually take control of a man’s balls to the extent that I mean, may never have crossed their minds.

Right now, obviously, Lion couldn’t care less about who has control of his balls. They’re attached and that’s all that matters. He’s concentrating more on getting stronger and staying awake. My initial prediction of horniness returning may have been premature. Then again, he can start to think horny thoughts well before actually being horny. Sort of a test run.

What do you think?