We Made It To the Weekend

Yesterday I was trying to figure out how I’m going to get all the things done in two weekend days that I couldn’t get done in four weekend days. I decided that was too stressful to think about so we’ll just do what we can. Lion is still on the mend and I can plow through anything I really need to do. So far we have a trip to Costco and to Safeway planned. Anything beyond that, including waxing, is cake.

Lion bought some more soup fixings so I assume that’s on the list. I’ve been saying I’m going to make French onion soup and I haven’t done it yet. Maybe we can have a soup making bee, sort of like a quilting bee but with soup. Both soups give the house a yummy smell and are comfort food. I approve the expenditure of time and energy on them.

Last night I was pretty tired again. My CPAP sends me little messages saying I’m doing well, but I’m still tired. No idea what goes on in its little machine head. At any rate, we didn’t play although we did snuggle.

Tonight, I’d like to try some spanking. I threatened to whomp Lion’s butt for saying he’s broken but I didn’t follow through. Perhaps some swats will “fix” him. He may need to be played with to get over this orgasm stalling out issue. I’ll even try to give him some oral attention. I may be able to get my cough under control long enough.

I think it’s absolutely understandable that Lion would have some trouble after being sick. Part of the problem might even be that he isn’t moving around a lot. He’s been hunkered down in bed for over a week. That can’t be good for things that need blood flow. It’s true that forays out into the living world deplete energy but it gets things moving. Even being vertical as opposed to horizontal could help. We’ll see how the trip to Costco goes tomorrow. It might wipe him out too much to do anything more.