Don’t Make It Too Real

Enforced male chastity isn’t a social or political cause for me. I also don’t believe in the biological superiority of women. I don’t believe men have that advantage either. A lot of people agree with this. They usually reason that since neither sex is superior, then both are equal. The feminism movement is the political expression of this belief.

Our readers tend to believe that female dominance is the natural order of things. Controlling us unruly males is the key to happiness. I’m sure it isn’t. I believe that enforced equality (feminism) is as artificial as female superiority or, for that matter, male superiority. They are artifacts of intellectual concepts. As such, there are millions of words written justifying each. I don’t believe in these artificial constructs

Trying to make reality fit into these boxes ruins many wonderful relationships. You may wonder why I, a guy locked in a chastity device who gets punished for breaking rules, can talk about this. It’s true that in our house, Mrs. Lion makes and enforces the rules. I’m supposed to be obedient. Sounds like femdom, doesn’t it?

If we were to extend Mrs. Lion’s authority to its logical end, then I suppose that’s what it would be. But we don’t. In her role as disciplining wife, she makes and enforces rules. That doesn’t mean our marriage is 100% femdom. It isn’t. In situations that aren’t about my behavior, we are partners. On one level, she’s still in charge. She has the final say on where we go to dinner, for example. But I pay the bills and we jointly make major financial decisions.

I’m pretty sure this is true of most successful Female Led Relationships with Discipline (FLRD). Thy are actually, like ours, modified partnerships. This isn’t a contradiction at all. There is nothing fake about Mrs. Lion’s authority or my unhappiness when I’m punished. It’s just that we are very aware that there are sensible limits to her authority.

She can extend her domination if she wishes. I am fine with that. But it will never be “everything”. It can’t be. Only fantasies and femdom scenes support total female rule. It isn’t because guys don’t really want it. It has more to do with the physical and emotional cost of being a despot. My experience with a woman who expected me to be a full-time master made it clear to me that it just won’t work.

That doesn’t mean all is lost for those of us who want to feel feminine control. We have to understand that we can’t release our fantasy image of a FLRD relationship. Instead, we have to work together with our partners to figure out what will make us feel sufficiently submissive while still allowing room for the relationship to grow and flourish.

Luckily, Mrs. Lion and I are finding that balance. We have a way to go. Mrs. Lion accepts her authority cautiously. Lioness 2.0 is a giant leap from 1.0. We both agree there is another step ( 3.0?). There’s no rush. The next phase doesn’t necessarily mean Mrs. Lion will start paying the bills or take over any other role I fill now. It will be a much higher stakes game in the areas she chooses to control. I’ll be on a much shorter leash. Consequences for misbehaving will be harsher and absolutely inevitable.

Even though I will be under stricter control, our underlying partnership won’t change a bit. It will just become harder for me to sit down when I am naughty.


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    And you understand all this based on our posts? Your assumptions are completely wrong. We have a true partnership and FLRD is just one aspect. It doesn’t cover everything. Almost all of the time we operate by consensus.

  2. Author

    Actually in most cases I defer to Lion, but we do discuss things.

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