Lots of Travel

Six hours on an airplane followed by eight hours in a car is very tiring. And I have another eight hour drive tomorrow. I should say “ride”. I didn’t drive at all. But it’s still tiring.

Graduation is Wednesday. So far Thursday is the only day with no set plans. My trips are not usually this hectic. My oldest couldn’t make it to his sister’s graduation so we brought the celebration to him. It’s the first time I’ve been in the same place as all three kids in about eight years.

As Lion mentioned, he didn’t make it very long in the Jail Bird. The plastic lock allowed the cage to twist. He asked if he could swap out for the plastic cage. Of course I let him. And then I asked for a picture showing the new lock number. When I ask for another picture it better have the same number on it or he’s in trouble.

I miss Lion. I wish I was home even though I’m having a good time seeing my kids. We don’t do well when we’re apart. I’m glad to be here but I want to be there. It’s a quandary. We’ll both just feel better when we’re back together.