I think that being locked in a chastity device while apart from Mrs. Lion is indeed helping me feel more connected to her. It seems weird for this inanimate object to connect me to my lioness who is 3,000 miles away. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. It helps bring us together sexually when we are together. But at long distance?

Nothing has changed. Wild or caged, I won’t masturbate. That’s been forbidden for five years and I’m not really tempted. My day-to-day routine is unaffected by the state of my penis. Yes, peeing is a bit more challenging, but that is really trivial. Yes, I’m aware it’s there. It’s not painful, but pressure from my clothes reminds me I’m locked up.

What is this mysterious force that connects me to Mrs. Lion. I miss her. I always do when we are apart. I’m not really anxious to be unlocked, so it isn’t Christmas-morning anticipation that makes the difference. I’m comfortable enough in my locked state. But still, this separation has a different quality than others in the past.

I figured that having the cage as a topic of conversation would keep us close. But we barely ever to it. I don’t mind the lack of focus on the device. I know it’s there and she is equally aware of it.

I have a theory. Maybe it is our individual knowledge that her intention to keep me locked acts as emotional glue. We both know that part of me remains under her control even though she is far away and busy doing other things. The cage is here attached to me. I know it will remain in position until she wants to remove it. That certainly feeds my bondage kink.

When we started enforced chastity, she locked me in a chastity device because she wanted to ‘make me happy’ by supporting that kink. That service to me is always in the background. But as we both have written, it’s much more now. It’s an expression of Mrs. Lion’s control over me.

If she didn’t lock it on me, I wouldn’t do it myself. I never considered locking up my penis as particularly exciting or even interesting. It’s the interactive, submissive nature of being locked in without a choice in the matter that turns me on. That’s certainly no surprise.

What surprises me is that my lioness is interested in keeping me caged even when she is across the continent. I don’t really know why she decided to do this. I’m not sure she knows either. What I do know is that the chastity device is working its magic on both of us.

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