Back To The Hospital

Had another CT scan. All bad news. The stone is caught in a bend in the road. My creatinen level is up a lot. So, the surgeon is needed to remove it. Oh fuck!

I’m waiting to hear when I have to report.   With the creatinine over 2.0, I need intervention. Yuck. So, I’m due course, Mrs. Lion and I are off to the animal hospital.

Of course they will have to drug me. I really hate that. Even a paddle isn’t effective there. Once I’m asleep, will they comment on my lack of pubic hair? Do I care? No, not really.  I just want this to be over. I want to go to work in the morning and join my work pride again.

Mrs. Lion is home with me today. I am very grateful she is here. Her presence validates me. I need her. We need each other. Thank goodness!

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