Ready. Go!

I didn’t do a post yesterday. I went to the doctor on Monday and yesterday the nurse called me three times to try to schedule a test. I have other outstanding medical bills that need to be taken care of before I schedule anything else. And three times in one day is a bit excessive. She left another message this morning. The more she calls the less likely I am to return her calls. I was a bit frazzled so I didn’t have the brain power to write a post.

Today, however, since discovering that my medical bills are in better shape than I thought and I can actually schedule the test without going into bankruptcy, I am no longer frazzled. I still don’t have a lot to say. We haven’t done anything. Between Lion still feeling sick and my feeling tired we’ve just been off.

Tonight we have a plan. Dinner is figured out. The bed will be changed so Lion is less itchy. We’ll try to snuggle and play earlier. I don’t know if I’ll paint his toes or not. Time is my downfall. If I can act on an idea relatively quickly then I have a shot at doing it. The longer I have to wait, the less likely I am to do it. My heart’s just not into it right now. Maybe on the weekend.

I’m also hoping by the weekend we’ll be feeling much better. It seems like we both took giant steps backward. Our coughs are hanging on. We’re not sleeping well. We’re done with it! Time to get better. If only it were that simple.

I think if we start eating better we’ll start feeling better. Comfort food works best when you’re really sick. Then it’s time to move on to more balanced meals.

OK. Goals set. Dinner. Play. Food. Ready. Go!