Fees and Interest

Lion is meeting with a personal trainer today. He needs someone yelling at him to make him work out. I think I’d wind up punching that person in the face, but that’s me. Because he’s meeting with a trainer, Lion asked if I would consider holding off on the pretty toe nails and panties. I can do that. I haven’t decided if it will cost him something or not.

It’s rare that I consider charging “interest” for delaying something I said I was going to do. I think I’ve only done it once or twice before. I think it makes sense, depending on what’s being delayed and why. For illness I wouldn’t do it. There are some things you can’t help. I think having pink toes and wearing panties would not really have been discovered by a trainer. However, if Lion would have been preoccupied with having pink toes and wearing panties so he wouldn’t be able to concentrate on what the trainer was telling him then delaying my fun for a day or so is not a big deal. But I think there might be and added “fee” for my agreeableness.

What will that fee entail? I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet. Maybe another day in panties. Maybe some menthol on my balls. Maybe a day in diapers. I have many ways to extract a fee.

Once I find out what Lion’s schedule is for working out I can decide when to make him pretty. And then I’ll figure out if I want interest. And, of course, we still have to get back in the swing of things with the Box O’Fun.