A Post About Nothing

Last night’s commute was fairly treacherous. A pickup in front of me took out himself and the car to my right when the road was suddenly slushy and slippery. It had been a rain/snow mix with very localized accumulation. Everything seemed to calm down for a few miles before things came to a dead stop. More slush and cars were off the road everywhere.

As we inched along the snow turned to rain to snow and back again several times. It became apparent that there were two accidents ahead of me. I also heard there were four accidents in the opposite directionn. The first accident was a minivan vs. small car. The car was mangled. There was a convoy of army vehicles on the right shoulder. Under the tracks of one tank-like vehicle was a small car. I saw no ambulances so I assume the injuries were minor. It all happened so fast and yet so slow at the same time.

I guess I wasn’t in much of a mood to play last night. I don’t think Lion was either. At least he didn’t say anything. I don’t think it had anything to do with all the accidents I saw. I was just tired and still dealing with the muscle ache in my back. We held hands and watched TV. It was a nice night even if it was boring by sexual and play standards.

I like quiet nights like that. Lion can only take so much though. He likes to do things. If he hasn’t been out of the house all day he wants to go out. Even if we’ve been out several nights during the week he still says we haven’t been out in a long time. He’s looking for something to get me for my birthday. How about a weekend of no errands? Seriously. I could play games on the computer and we could watch TV. We could pretend we’re snowed in and can’t do anything. And it would cost nothing. I’m sold.

You may have noticed the lack of sex or play in my birthday wish. It’s my wish, not Lion’s. My idea of being pampered is not having to do anything. I’d still feed the animals but I don’t want to worry about what’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Toast, a sandwich and another sandwich as far as I’m concerned. Nothing fancy. Just let me vegetate.

On Lion’s birthday we can have all the hoopla he likes. Sex, play, dinner out, birthday cake, balloons. All the bells and whistles. He likes when I make a fuss over him. Opposites attract.


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    So glad you made it home safe. That stuff is scary.

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    Thanks. I hope everyone was okay.

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