You might wonder why some women have so much fun torturing their partners. You might assume they are sadists. Well, no. I don’ think so. There is real comedy in the way we guys behave.

Our unselfish top wants to enjoy what happens when she gives her bottom what he says he wants. The twist is that she takes it far beyond his fantasy. He approaches his spanking with an erection, excited to have a dream come true. She cheerfully acknowledges that she is going to grant his wish. He gets into position and she begins.

He enjoys the spanking for a while. But it starts hurting way too much. He stops thinking about  his fantasy. He just wants her to stop. He squirms and yells. He tries begging her to stop; all to no avail. When she finally stops, his butt is burning. He is bruised and dark red. But she isn’t done. She makes him stand in a corner so she can admire her work. She is smiling broadly.

The spank-till-he-cries method maps to many male fantasies. Yet, when the paddle meets the butt, he recognizes that he doesn’t really want to go that far. This is where she has the most fun. She enjoys seeing him realize the difference between fantasy and fact. She is amused by his realization of his mistake.

A week or so later, the scene repeats. He approaches her with a gleam in his eye and an erection. He has to know that things aren’t going to end well. But yet here he is again, hard  and ready to get across her lap. Is this insanity? Has he forgotten the pain?

His top is truly amused. She knows he remembers his last visit with her paddle. He has to know how much pain he felt. But here he is again ready to jump over her lap for a repeat performance. No wonder she is quietly laughing.

The same is true with other fantasies come true. I know how frustrating it is to wear a chastity device. I am aware of how I have to sit when I pee to compensate for the bars over my penis. Yet, time and time again I remind Mrs. Lion if she forgets to lock me up.

I know how horribly it burns when when Mrs. Lion paints a “racing stripe” with liniment on my balls and perineum. But I still buy her new products that are supposed to be more painful than the ones she has. I don’t like how it feels to be pegged, but I will buy her thicker dildos I know will hurt more.

This has to be either the height of masochism or irrational behavior. I don’t like pain, so I must be irrational.

There must be more to it than believing guys are simply irrational. Maybe that’s part of it. I think in my case, while I remember how much I hate the sensations these activities give me, those memories are overcome by the sexual excitement my fantasies about these things being done to me evoke.

It explains the docile willingness to present my butt for spanking; especially punishments. I am absolutely aware that I will be feeling pain with no sexual component. Yet, meek as a lamb, I present my naked butt to Mrs. Lion. I let her strap me into our sling. I get hard as I see her prepare to paint a painful stripe on my balls. I even get hard when I see her preparing to put painful clothespins on my cock and balls.

I think all this odd behavior demonstrates the primal drive to reproduce. We are programmed to disregard pain if sex is involved. Even in the case of punishment, when there is no sex possible, my sexual fantasies drive me to submit to punishment pain.

It’s this counter-intuitive behavior that amuses many of our partners. They find it funny to see us get aroused in the face of sure pain. I suppose the irony is funny. It may be a good thing we are so amusing. It is an incentive for our partners to hurt us the way we appear to want.